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OpenStage 60

OpenStage 60 Offers top-notch functionality and innovations, combining a maximum of usability with a clear, intuitive and sleek design. An open application platform and personalization options make this phone the first choice for boss-secretary environments and people interacting with lots of other devices.


  • OpenStage 60: Tiltable graphical color TFT display, 320 x 240 pixel (QVGA), backlit

  • Optical call alert


  • Keypad

  • 6 fixed function keys (partly equipped with blue LEDs)

  • 8 freely programmable touch keys (illuminated) with blue LEDs (function, speed dial or line keys)

  • 6 mode keys (touch keys, illuminated) with blue or blue/white LEDs (e.g. to start applications)

  • TouchSlider for volume adjustment with blue/white LEDs

  • TouchGuide for navigation


  • Hands free talking (full duplex)

  • High quality ringer tones


  • Headset jack

  • Bluetooth

  • USB Master

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