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HiPath 1100 is the high-performance phone family, made up of three systems, for companies with up to 140 users. HiPath 1100 offers tomorrow's communication technology. Integrated options, such as CLIP analog, make your communication even more flexible. And HiPath 1100 is an especially cost-effective communications solution, not only in terms of purchase price, but also for installation and operation.

It is especially simple to install and administer with the Windows Service Tool. New software versions are run via PC and the internet conveniently and free of cost. Applications are straightforward to connect via the integrated V.24 or USB connection. The various models meet your requirements - from 8 to 140 users with between 2 and 32 lines. HiPath 1100 - the smart phone system for demanding customers.

Key Facts

Cost optimized flexible system for small enterprises

  • Integrated powerful voice mail system

  • extension of subscriber lines in steps (4 / 6 / 10 / 12)

  • mix of low price analogue telephones and high feature digital devices

  • easy to install and administration with Windows Manager Tool

Comfortable Telephony in high Quality

  • Easy to-use- devices with interactive User Interface

  • Comprehensive Feature Set with TAPI / CAPI for CTI solutions

  • Included SW-Package for Internet Access, Fax Communication and Cost Management

  • Support of analogue devices with call cost indication, call number signaling

Optional Enhancements

  • External SIP or GSM gateways, selected by system call control

  • CTI clients using TAPI software

  • Sensor / Relay module for alarm and control tasks

  • Door sets for convenient door ringing; -talking and -opening

   HiPath 1100 comes with these possible variants:

  • HiPath 1120

  • HiPath 1150

  • HiPath 1190

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