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OpenScape Office is a unified communications application suite built specifically for small and medium sized businesses.

It is available for HiPath 3000 platforms as well as for HiPath OpenOffice ME platform.

  • OpenScape Office with HiPath 3000

  • OpenScape Office with HiPath OpenOffice ME


OpenScape Office enables customers to achieve several business advantages:

  • Increased productivity through unrivaled increase in the efficiency of communications.

  • Greater customer satisfaction.

  • Higher employee satisfaction.

  • More sales opportunities.

  • Lower training costs.

  • Lower operating costs.

  • Simple installation, usage and maintenance.


OpenScape Office application suite supports the following functions and applications:

Unified Communications functions

  • myPortal

  • myPortal for Outlook

  • myAttendant

The Voicemail and Fax services offer subscribers convenient interfaces via myPortal and Outlook Plugin for receiving and managing voicemails and fax messages. In addition, subscribers can send faxes via the HiPath OpenOffice Fax Printer.

Contact Center functions

  • OpenScape Office ContactCenter

  • myAgent

  • myReports

The individually matched solution components are scalable via a flexible licensing structure and can be tailored according to customer requirements

The differences between the to flavors of the same application are:

OpenScape Office with HiPath 3000 released for Hipath 3000 from V8R3 on

  • Works in combination with HiPath 3000 Platforms

  • Is based on an external Linux PC.

  • Supports Contact Center functionality

  • Supports Conference Server functions using HiPath Xpressions Compact

OpenScape Office with HiPath OpenOffice ME

  • Is integrated SW part of HiPath OpenOffice platform

  • Supports natively Conference Server functions

  • Supports Contact Center functions released from HiPath OpenOffice ME V2 on

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