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The OpenStage phone family consists of the UP0/E phones:

  • OpenStage 10 T

  • OpenStage 15 T

  • OpenStage 20 T

  • OpenStage 30 T

  • OpenStage 40 T

  • OpenStage 60 T

  • OpenStage 80 T

OpenStage incorporates the latest developments in leading edge acoustics to ensure delivery of the very best voice quality on the handset and speakerphone. A high quality speakerphone is built in all models as standard (exception OpenStage 10 T).

Todays workstations frequently feature many different device types (such as PCs, mobile phones, PDAs, and headsets). OpenStage has built-in interfaces (such as USB and Bluetooth) to interwork with these devices.

A range of innovative adapters enables OpenStage to be aligned with specific workplace requirements (such as connection to add-ons, fax machines or phones). OpenStage design highlights include variation of materials and colors (from plastic in ice blue or lava to high-end silver blue metallic lacquering and brushed aluminum).

The OpenStage TDM phones give you fast and convenient access to the wide range of HiPath features via the tried and tested UP0/E system interface with extended CorNet-TS protocol. New software versions can be downloaded to the phones via HiPath Management (exception OpenStage 10 T). All OpenStage phones can be software-customized with the logo of the individual customer or partner (exception OpenStage 10 T). OpenStage 10 T, 15 T and 30 T are downwards compatible and can be operated like optiPoint phones.

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