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The OpenScape Contact Center is a strategic platform of applications designed to offer feature-rich multimedia and presence-enhanced,First Contact Resolution Center for small to large size companies in all industry sectors.

In order to meet the specific needs of various customer segments, the OpenScape Contact Center Agile is architected for growth on a single application baseand is packaged into two distinct offerings:

  • OpenScape Contact Center Agile

  • OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise

allowing customers to easily evolve to advanced feature sets in the OpenScape Contact Center portfolio.

First Contact Resolution concept Company's service quality is more and more evaluated by Customers based on the complete experience they have with their Contact Center infrastructures, and therefore, the scope of customer relationship and experience management is not limited to a single hit and forget contact with customers. Basically each Customer is the only judge of the First Contact Resolution concept "Customer's inquiry or problem is resolved in one call": the OpenScape Contact Center solution addresses this issue empowering each enterprise to deliver First Contact Resolution at its best and was designed to help the enterprise business by:

  • Improving the Customer Satisfaction

  • Increasing enterprise Revenues and customers Loyalty

  • Enhancing enterprise Productivity

  • Increasing company Efficiency and Lowering costs

OpenScape Contact Center design concept

The OpenScape portfolio provides consolidation and enhancement of existing features from OpenScape Contact Center and new graphical user interface and Reporting concepts introduced with OpenScape Contact Center heritage products, moreover it introduces improvements to the system architecture as well as a variety of new features.
Specifically the OpenScape family was designed to provide:

  • First Contact Resolution through powerful contact routing and enterprise wide resource management.

  • Presence management in order to access enterprise wide resources facilitating better customer experience.

  • Simplicity in management consolidating queues, views and reporting for ease of management.

  • Ease of planning providing trend analysis and projection as features designed for customers to use without the need of professional services.

  • Ease of integration providing integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM screen pop interface for Agile and Enterprise (Additionally open functionality is provided through SDK available for building interfaces to customers' existing backend databases and applications).

  • Freedom to grow as you go by implementing Pre-packaged modules to allow customers to grow and add media on the same platform when they want, or need to.

  • Seamless Evolution, not revolution by integrating the applications both in TDM to IP/SIP environments.

Both OpenScape Contact Center Agile and OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise use a common, unified Application Architecture and a Code Base able to scale seamlessly from 5 to 750 active Agents performing:

  • Automatic Call Distribution routing configured as either:

Group / Multi-Group based routing
Skills based routing (available on OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise only)

  • E-Mail

  • Callback

  • Basic integrated IVR features

  • Outbound campaigns (available on OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise only)

  • Web collaboration (available on OpenScape Contact CenterEnterprise only)

  • Multi-site networking (available onOpenScape Contact Center Enterprise only)

With the introduction of OpenScape Contact Center platform, Siemens has delivered many customer-driven enhancements in the areas of:

  • Web Collaboration

  • Multi-site Networking

  • Communication platform integrations

  • Manager and Administration

  • Reporting

  • Outbound campaign

  • Productivity Tools

  • Presence and Collaboration Tools

  • SDK

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