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HiPath TAPL 120/170

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HiPath TAPI 120/170
HiPath TAPI 120 and HiPath TAPI 170 are TAPI Service Provider for HiPath 3000, HiPath 2000 and HiPath 500 platform families. Even if these products are related close together and are delivered on a common CD together with supplementary software components CMD and CSP they operate in different environments ways.

HiPath TAPI 120 TSP
This software is a client based first party TAPI service provider, which is capable to monitor and control one phone device using a direct CSTA link to the HiPath Platform. As the connection is done directly via CSTA to the HiPath platform and not to the assoziated phone it is sometimes also categorized as a "third party" service provider.

The advantage of TAPI 120 vs. the CallBridge Collection is the support of analog phones. If more TAPI 120 clients have to be operated than logical CSTA links are provided by the HiPath platform the CSTA Message Dispatcher (CMD) software has to be used in addition.

CSTA Message Dispatcher (CMD)
The CSTA Message Dispatcher (CMD) multiplexes the CSTA links of multiple applications on a logical link to a HiPath platform. It is used predominantly for connecting the CSTA links on the HiPath TAPI 120 service provider, when insufficient CSTA links on a HiPath platform are free.

HiPath TAPI 170 TSP
HiPath TAPI 170 is a server based third party TAPI service provider based on Microsoft's remote TAPI concept. TAPI 170 is capable to monitor and control multiple devices via CSTA interface of the HiPath platform. HiPath TAPI 170 can be operated either in combination with a single HiPath platform (single node) or in combination with HiPath 5000 RSM in multi-node systems.

For CSTA based applications in a multi-node environment the CSP Software is required together with HiPath 5000 RSM to connect the application to the HiPath platforms.

CSTA Service Provider (CSP)
Within a multi-node environment the CSTA Service Provider (CSP) concentrates the CSTA links of the single nodes within the network into one logical CSTA link for access by CSTA based applications. This enables the application to address phone devices network wide using one CSTA link.

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