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OpenStage is a totally new generation of phones which sets the benchmark for Open Unified Communications. These stylish devices provide an intuitive and engaging communication experience, incorporating innovative features. The OpenStage family is intuitive in functionality and interface, integrated through interoperability with other devices, and multimodal to allow access to various services and applications.

The OpenStage family is designed to be extremely user friendly and simplify feature implementation. Sensorial interfaces based on advanced technology solutions (touch keys, embedded color LEDs, TouchSlider for volume control and TouchGuide navigator) as well as large, tiltable, backlit color graphical displays in TFT technology facilitate user interaction.

There are soft labeled programmable touch sensor keys for line/feature access or speed dial by name, fixed feature/function push keys (such as Drop/Release, Redial, Call Forwarding, Mute, Speaker) and dedicated touch sensor application/function keys (such as Telephony Call View, Phonebook, Call Log/History, Message Waiting, Applications). OpenStage incorporates the latest developments in leading edge acoustics to ensure delivery of the very best voice quality (G.722 wideband codec support for handset, speaker, and headset communications). A high quality speakerphone is built in as standard in all models (exception OpenStage 20E).

OpenStage design highlights include variation of materials and colors (from molded plastic in ice blue or lava to high-end silver blue metallic lacquering and brushed aluminum). The OpenStage IP phone family comprises five distinct phone models:

  • OpenStage 80 (silver-blue metallic)

  • OpenStage 60 (ice blue or lava)

  • OpenStage 40 (ice blue or lava)

  • OpenStage 20 (ice blue or lava)

  • OpenStage 20E (ice blue or lava)

Each model is available as phone variant with the emerging open standards for SIP voice communication or with the Siemens proprietary protocol (CorNet IP, also known as HFA = HiPath Feature Access). Apart from the standard based SIP (RFC 3261) VoIP protocol, the OpenStage SIP phones support additional features such as consultation, local 3-way conference, multiline, etc. This means flexibility is retained within your IT strategy and lock-in to a specific vendor is avoided.

The OpenStage CorNet IP variants provide access to the feature reach HiPath platforms 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and HiPath OpenOffice EE, ME with the benefit of an intuitive user interface. Each OpenStage IP phone provides an integrated Ethernet switch. The network access is transferred by 10/100 Base-T or as a variant via Gigabit Ethernet (exception Open-Stage 20E). All phones support 802.3af Power over LAN. OpenStage is easy to deploy and ongoing administration is simple. OpenStage devices can be centrally managed as part of an IT environment.

OpenStage 20, 20E is a universal solution for efficient and professional telephony. Each succeeding model has increased feature capabilities and perceived value culminating in the high-end OpenStage 80 model targeted at top level managers and executives.

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