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The optiPoint 150 S is a SIP phone with an optimum price/performance ratio. For the enterprise area it is a device for starters but it is also perfect for home users connected to SIP providers (like for example sipgate or others) operating standard SIP platforms like Asterisk or other standard SIP platforms.

The phone supports a set of basic Call features like Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Message Waiting Indication and others. The optiPoint 150 S offers among other things an inserted phone directory (100 entries), call list administration and is simple to administer via a Webbrowser.

For larger deployments there is a mechanism available for automatic distribution of configuration files in order to avoid to configure each phone on-site.

Call Features

Features in a SIP environment can either be offered by the phone itself, i.e. locally or centrally (B2BUA) by a SIP application server.

The optiPoint 150 S supports a number of local SIP services. Except for the Sylantro platform the access to central services via Feature Access Codes is not possible.

For a comparison of English/German terms see Call feature term comparison English/German.

Local Call SIP-Features

  • Alternate

  • Consultation

  • Call Transfer (attended, semi-attended)

  • Call Forwarding (unconditional, on No Reply, on Busy)

  • Call Waiting

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Distinctive Ringing

  • DTMF (in-band, out-band)

  • Hold

  • Local three-party conference

  • Message Waiting Indication

  • Multiple Line

  • Off-hook Ringing

  • STUN

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