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OpenScape UC Application V3 R1 enhances the capabilities currently sold with OpenScape Enterprise and OpenScape Personal released in 2008.

The OpenScape UC Application offerings include:

  • OpenScape UC Application Personal Edition Client based offering including HFA and SIP for HiPath 4000, HiPath 3000 and OpenScape Voice.

OpenScape Personal Edition is an IP softphone for installation on a notebook or PC and is the successor to optiClient 130 and optiClient 130 S. Visually, the new user interface is based on Windows Office 2007 standards and offers the user a wide range of technical and graphical features that eliminate the need for a desktop phone. The IP softphone is therefore a solution for those who want to dispense with their desktop phone or mobile users who do not have a regular desk and who regard their notebook PC as their office.

  • OpenScape UC Application Enterprise Including Web, Desktop, Voice Portal, and Mobile Clients with targeted sales with OpenScape Voice, and other SIP based integrations

OpenScape UC Application EE forms the core of the Open Communications portfolio of Siemens Enterprise Communications. It enables fast and spontaneous access to people and information and thus speeds up decision-making processes while reducing process delays.

Speed is a critical factor in enabling companies to respond to the demands of their customers faster, to market their products rapidly, to quickly exploit specific opportunities and to avoid potential risks and problems. OpenScape Enterprise supports companies in all these areas by providing presence-based real-time communications.

In contrast to the Personal Edition, the Enterprise Edition is also based on a server component. OpenScape UC Application EE offers multiple clients with various access options to meet the different requirements of our customers.
Desktop Client with maximum functionality and the most convenient operation for Windows based clients
Web Client for use via a Web browser
Mobile Client as a mobile variant for Nokia (Symbian), RIM (Blackberry), Microsoft Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone 2G & 3G
Voice Portal for access to the main OpenScape UC Application EE functions via any phone

The Mobile Client has been tested and released with the following mobile devices:
Blackberry 8100 (V4.2.1)
Blackberry 8820 (V4.2.2)
Nokia E61i (Symbian S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E65 (Symbian S60 3rd Edition)
Nokia E51 (Symbian S60 3rd Edition)
HP iPAQ hw6940 (Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition)
HP iPAQ 610 (Windows Mobile 6 Professional)

OpenScape UC Application Personal / Enterprise Editions form the core of the Unified Communications Application within the Unified Communications Suite of Siemens Enterprise Communications. These offer various options to organize your companys communications and increase productivity.

OpenScape Enterprise V3 R1 supports a variety of deployment scenarios for multiple IT and telephony domains. This also includes the capability to support external Web Conferencing and Instant Messaging (IM) solutions. In addition preferred 'partner' solutions are available with Netviewer for Web Conferencing and Open Source Openfire Server as our preferred IM solution.

We are continuing to focus on enhancing OpenScape UC Application to continue our path of removing overlapping products. OpenScape UC Application V3 R1 will continue down the path of providing value packaging to our customers ensuring we provide a clear upgrade and migration path to deliver UC functionality based on the needs and roles of our customer's end users.


  • Comprehensive presence management for both users and phones

  • One Number Service to control availability

  • Integrated voice messaging

  • Powerful software-based conference management with innovative features

  • Support for Windows, web, and mobile clients and provision of a voice portal

  • Softphone functionality

  • Well-designed user interface that is very easy to use and is harmonized for all clients

  • Modular product structure with the option of increasing functionality as needed in steps

  • Instant Messaging und Web Conferencing (with 3rd Party Products)

  • Video Support

  • Integration with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (not released yet)

OpenScape UC Application EE supports geo separated OpenScape Voice installations and redundancy options.

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