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HiPath 5000

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The HiPath 5000 Real Time IP system is the perfect communications solution for medium- sized companies with stringent demands. It allows seamless integration of teleworkers, external teams in branch offices or mobile employees. Uniform features, central administration, optimized call charges and high-level security are just some of the many benefits.

The HiPath 5000 Enterprise Softswitch offers medium-sized companies with between10 and 1,000 users highly reliable voice communication with user-friendly, high-quality terminals. As a consistent IP based solution, Enterprise Softswitch HiPath 5000 is a cost-optimized, purely server-based real time IP system. Its distributed architecture connects up to 1,000 users at up to 32 locations to a homogeneous IP telephone network. The full scope of ComScendo features is available to all workpoints.

The Enterprise Softswitch HiPath 5000 consists of two components:

  • HiPath 5000 ComScendo Service (CS):

HiPath 5000 ComScendo Service is used as a central gatekeeper and offers ComScendo features for up to 1,000 HiPath clients and devices. The gatekeeper function emulates the functions of a classic telephone system in the IP network.

  • HiPath 5000 Real Time Services Manager (RSM):

The HiPath 5000 Real Time Services Manager provides real time services for up to 32 nodes and up to 1,000 users on a networkwide and cross-system basis. The Personal Call Manager offers individual, rules-based call forwarding, while the Presence Manager provides cross-node monitoring of the call/busy status of terminals and direct dialing keys. The HiPath 3000/5000 Manager can be used to manage all connected communications systems in a shared database - even remotely if required. This means that multi-gateway systems can be administered centrally and without difficulty. In the same way, applications can be installed at a location and used throughout the network via the central application interfaces.

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