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HiPath Cordless IP V1 is the DECT over IP solution for pure IP platforms.
The radio technology used in the HiPath Cordless IP solution complies with the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard. The HiPath Cordless IP solution now makes the DECT standard already established for mobile voice communications also available in Voice over IP infrastructures.
The flexibility in number of users, user density, coverage, extensibility and the provision of comfort features with the up-to-date Gigaset professional handsets characterize the system architecture of HiPath Cordless IP. The connection to the Voice over IP infrastructure of the Communication Server is made by means of the SIP protocol. This means that DECT radio cells are the perfect way to supplement SIP-capable Voice over IP systems as mobile communication solutions

Key Features

The entire radio range managed by the system consists of DECT IP base stations that either together form a seamless network of overlapping and synchronous radio cells or individual islands of radio signals. The size of a radio cell depends on local conditions.

DECT IP base stations support the seamless handover of existing voice connections, in other words the changeover between the radio cell and a DECT handset during a call. In addition, the roaming function is made available to mobile users, i.e. the change of radio system without an existing call.

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